About Us

A team of Research-Oriented young professionals, who had fed up about the omission of health concern, the low cost effectiveness, and the Brands brainwashing techniques all over the market. We stand for folks, for common people, for grassroots who doesn’t have much bucks but still have to have a healthier and quality living!!

We ignited our first success by launching food grade stainless steel kettles to all over Botswana, product was featured for its 100% non-touch of plastic to boiling water, its safety features, and its cost effectiveness. Our Drexton Kettles went become 2nd Best Seller all over Botswana over 1 Year’s time.

We then ventured into a big variety of home appliances, core value still are healthier concerns for families, and, cost effective. Some went pretty well, some had been turned down by all sorts of competitions. And, this is reason we still been deposited of a large amount of stock in warehouse..

Our current discovery and concentration, is on oral health products. We have our own team of international Dentists, from Hungary, Egypt, Philippines, Russia, Dubai, etc. And, all team of professionals had similar recommendation – use a SOFT BRISTLE BRUSH. So, we had developed soft bristle toothbrushes with bamboo carbon, and designed the handles being ergonomic. For adults, and for kids!! After then, we had developed two types of toothpastes, which are 0 fluoride, and 0 contained of most of harmful ingredients you could name for, which some of them are found in a few “Big and dominating” brands. More oral lines are coming, and we had been running a program with NGO, bringing best brushing techniques, and donating oralcare products to local African school children.

We trust time, we trust people, and, we trust our dreams.